Our vision is to provide a nurturing environment that inspires balance and vitality to empower you to fulfill a purposeful, self-expressed life.

Life just seems to have a way of taking it all out of you sometimes. It can leave you feeling anxious, burnt-out and just devoid of that feeling of wellness you deserve. We want you to experience new horizons of health and energy, which elevates your wellbeing right now and sustains you over time. Our extraordinary team of practitioners can introduce you to a new way of living, one with vitality, energy and total wellbeing.

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Meet Our Team

Carolyn Revell
Naturopath - Nutritional and Herbal Medicine
BHSc (Nat) (ANPA)
Dr Marie Anderson
Clinical & Health Psychologist
BBSc (Hons) DHealthPsych MAPS
Dr Margaret Turner
Psychologist Neuropsychological Rehabilitation
BBSc (Hons) MPsych PHD Assoc. MAPS
Katinka Pal-Zimny
Louise Moeung
Administration Coordinator
Anna Johnson
Psychologist (Child and Teen)
B.A. (Psych) GradDipSci (Psych) MPsych (Child & Family) MAPS
Connie Vakanis
Sports Kinesiologist
Diploma Sports Kinesiology
Jodie Davies
Health Psychologist
Stephanie Ham
Remedial & Relaxation Massage Therapist
Diploma Remedial Massage

About Us

Healthy Mind Healthy Body

When Balanced Wellbeing Centre founders Carolyn and Marie first met they instantly connected in their passion for helping others to get their health and vitality back. Their expertise is in working with the health of both the body and the mind together as they believe this will ultimately bring the best results. It’s like providing a wilting plant with water, sun and soil so that it can grow to its full potential. For example, Marie helps you build a resilient mindset and Carolyn helps you have a thriving body.

It was from this connection that they were inspired to open Balanced Wellbeing Centre, which now has an amazing team of practitioners who treat the whole family including children, teens and couples. The modalities include Psychology, Naturopathy, Remedial Massage Therapy, and Kinesiology.


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