Carolyn Revell
Naturopath – Nutritional and Herbal Medicine
BHSc (Nat) (ANPA)
Phone: 03 8560 2200

The best practitioners are those that have had a deep and transformative experience with their own health. Carolyn found that experience through the wonderful results she obtained through Naturopathy in her own health journey. The results were amazing, so much so that she was inspired to devote her life to giving others the same experience. Carolyn doesn’t want you to just be “not sick”, she wants you to experience the best of all possible health outcomes and she is inspired to co-create that with you.

Carolyn is absolutely convinced of the need to include more emotional support for a totally holistic approach. She understands that women today are often overwhelmed juggling career and family and is acutely aware of the toll it can take on your health. She understands that your ailments are more than just physical manifestations. She employs a powerful yet nurturing coaching approach that supports the mind alongside the nutritional, herbal and lifestyle changes bringing the health outcomes provided by Naturopathy for the body.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, fatigued, anxious and even burnt-out, Carolyn can help you. If you are fed up and ready to uncover the real and authentic ‘You’ that has been smothered by all the busy-ness, Carolyn will work with you to bring a sense of presence, purpose and vitality.

Carolyn helps you with:

  • Stress, fatigue and burnout
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Hormone issues – such as PMS, problem periods and menopause
  • Thyroid issues
  • Digestive problems such as IBS, IBD, bloating and constipation
  • Children – poor immunity, allergies, tummy troubles and anxiety

Carolyn is available for Naturopathic consultations, and also has developed programs which fuse the best of Life Coaching with the holistic power of Naturopathy.

The start of your journey back to health is the Healthy Foundations package. This package is an in-depth opportunity to capture your health history, health goals, current health issues and includes relevant pathology testing and analysis. You will receive a comprehensive ‘report of findings’ outlining key recommendations to set you on the way back to optimal health.

Each individual is unique so ongoing treatment options include:

  • High-value multi-packs of Naturopathic sessions to implement your unique health plan

  • Powerful coaching and health programs that create comprehensive health outcomes including:
    • Burnout to Bounce: Get back to energy and vitality

    • Creating Clarity and Calm: Leave your anxieties behind. Restore peace and tranquillity into your life

    • Harmony with your Hormones: Get your feminine energy back into synchronicity and balance

    • New Vitality Detox: A comprehensive detox program. Clear skin, clear mind, clear body
Phone: 03 8560 2200